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Performer Mick Blue

Deeply in love with the most amazing woman in the universe Anikka Albrite). @MickBlueXXX

Videos Mick Blue Appears in: 9

Do You Miss Me Series : Ignition Point

Even with an expensive divorce between them, Mick's ex wife still manages to sink her hooks in. He dreads what he knows will be a game-filled visit, but he needs something from her and the only way to get it is face her. "Do you miss me, hubby?" she asks coyly. "No," he says. That doesn't sit well with...

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Honey Gold and Mick Blue Series : Sacrosanct

In this surrealistic sleepover, Kayden tempts Honey with the question, "Have you ever slept with a man you don't know?" "No," Honey says, but already the box has been cracked. Honey lifts the lid a little further, and follows her curiosity to its own natural end. As the two explore the unspoken contracts...

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Make Me Feel Something Series : Ignition Point

The stalemate between Vina and Mick is palpable as the two live side by side in silence. Finally Mick breaks, slamming his fist into the piano keys that Vina plays. "You're only here for the money," he says coldly. She pulls him down by the collar and wraps his fingers around her throat. She squeezes...

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Misha Cross, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar Series : Wide Open, Misha Cross

Misha readies for a party that evening. We watch the deliberate little motions of her character as she showers, applies her make up, dresses herself. With a final touch of jewelry she is ready. She has made Manuel one promise, but it is conditional. He doesn't make it in time before she finds company...

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Performance Series : Wide Open, Carter Cruise

Carter's motivation is revealed as she delivers her final performance: a spectacle of double penetration by Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar.

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So Are You Truly Series : Jynx Maze is a Sex Addict

"So are you truly addicted to sex?" asks the camera operator. Jynx Maze tells him yes with her words--and with her actions by picking up Mr. Pete and Mick Blue for some anonymous hotel sex shot gonzo style.

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The Devil Series : A Thing of Beauty

Victoria Hook takes her pleasure from another fallen angel--Mick Blue.When she's finished feeling the grace of god going up her asshole, she intends to cash in on her deal with Bree.

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Unlocked Series : Cheater Cheater

Gianna's boyfriend has been friends with Mick for a long time, but when Mick overhears something he shouldn't, the friendship crumbles. Mick and Gianna are left alone, and Mick is no longer playing fair.

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